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How to use Portable Hand Held 3G WiFi Cell Phone Signal Jammer nvJfhnhlo for ebay.

  • How to use Portable Hand Held 3G WiFi Cell Phone Signal Jammer nvJfhnhlo for ebay
  • Product Description

    Portable Hand-Held 3G 4G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer , which is one of the latest arrivals of the 3G 4G WiFi cell phone jammer and can assist and help people a lot now.

    This is a portable 3G 4G Bluetooth phone jammer that designed with the portable style and owns 6 antennas so that this portable 3G 4G Bluetooth phone jammer can not only cut off the signals of 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi signals but also can cut off the 2G mobile phone signal CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS at the same time as well if you have the need. Thus since this 3G 4G WiFi cell phone jammer is also design with the selectable button so that you can selective of each band ON/OFF by DIP SW, which is really a kind of advanced design. Also the indicating of LED display of each band RF output has also been applied on this selectable portable 3G 4G Bluetooth phone jammer as well.

    And also the jamming distance is powerful as well as depending on the signal strength in the given area the jamming range is up to 10 meters. This portable 3G 4G Bluetooth phone signal jammer also can be used while it is charging since it is designed with high quality cooling system. More details are just as follows, just come to see then.


    • Affected Frequency Ranges

    -4G LTE:725MHz-830MHz / band 1
    -CDMA/GSM:830MHz-975MHz/ band 2
    -DCS/PCS:1790MHz-2000MHz / band 3
    -3G:2100MHz-2180MHz / band 4
    -WiFi:2400MHz-2500MHz / band 5
    -4G Wimax:2620MHz-2690MHz / band 6

    • Cover interface standards:GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS,3G, 4G , Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
    • Signal source:PLL SYNTHERSIZES
    • Antenna:External Omni antenna.
    • Output power:≧+25dBm per band
    • Jamming Range:Radius up to 10 meters(the signal must ≤-80dBm in the location)
    • Battery:Lithium battery can support 1.5 hours operating time
    • Dimension (without antenna):77mm(W)× 127mm(H)× 32mm(D)
    • Weight:400g
    • Input Voltage:AC100 ~ 250V/DC12V/2.5A


    • 3G 4G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer x 1
    • Antenna x 6
    • AC Charger x 1


    Important Notes for Jamming Distance: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer’s reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

    Important Notes for Portable Jammers with No Cooling Fan: Do not use the jammer when it is charging, or it will burn the jammer as it has no built-in fan. If because of this factor due to the broken of the jammer, the customer will lose the authority of free repairation .


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